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  • The Potential Socio-economic Impacts of a New National Park for Galloway

    This report, published in 2019 gives the socio-economic case for a new National Park in Galloway. A new National Park could provide a significant stimulus to the local economy, attracting at least an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 new visits per year with £30 - £60 million of additional spending and supporting 700 to 1400 jobs. It would attract small businesses and create a more desirable place for people to live.

  • The Scottish Deposit Return System: what materials should it cover?

    Which materials should an ambitious, world-leading system include? The main arguments from parts of the drinks and retail industries seeking to be exempted or to limit their costs are around glass, larger plastic bottles, HDPE (the plastic used for milk bottles, amongst other things), and TetraPak cartons. We support an inclusive system that covers all materials used for drinks containers, including glass, metal and plastic.

  • Scotland’s Got the Bottle

    Scotland has become the first nation in the UK to commit to a deposit return system for bottles and cans. Such systems are already working well in other countries including Canada, Estonia, Germany and Norway. The Scottish Government is now working on the detailed implementation of the system. This document is a briefing about what to expect when the system is introduced.

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