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  • APRS Privacy Notice

    This document explains the data we hold for APRS members and supporters and how we use the data. APRS is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. The privacy of our members, supporters and others whose data we hold is important to APRS.

  • Why Scotland needs a Deposit Return Scheme

    This briefing was written for the Scottish Parliament in 2017 as part of the Have you Got the Bottle Campaign. A deposit return system is a collection system for used drinks container packaging, in which consumers pay a small deposit on every drinks container. This is refunded when the container is returned. This document explains how a scheme would work to decrease litter, increase recycling and save money, among other benefits.

  • Volunteering and National Parks in Scotland

    This report reviews how more National Parks in Scotland could generate an increase in volunteering - thereby benefiting the local economy, the environment and the wellbeing of volunteering.

  • Tourism and the Future of National Parks in Scotland

    A paper reviewing the postive impact that having more National Parks in Scotland could have on the visitor economy of the country. The way that other countries with more national parks than Scotland use this to promote tourism is cited.

  • Deposit Return is coming to Scotland!

    This is our 2016 campaign briefing to explain what deposit return is and the advantages. Have You Got The Bottle? is a campaign led by the Association or the Protection of Rural Scotland. Launched in 2015, the campaign has worked to inform politicians and organisations of the importance of introducing a deposit return system for plastic, glass and metal drinks containers to reduce litter, support a circular economy in Scotland, boost the recycling sector and create jobs, reduce public sector costs and improve the environment for residents and visitors alike.

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