Joint statement from APRS and SCNP on National Park Nominations

The nominations process for Scotland’s next National Park closed yesterday (29th February). The Scottish Government is considering proposals from Galloway, Lochaber, Loch Awe, Tay Forest and the Scottish Borders, to be Scotland’s next National Park, with a commitment to designate at least one by 2026.

Action to Protect Rural Scotland and Scottish Campaign for National Parks have been campaigning for a new National Park for Scotland since 2015. 

Kat Jones, Director of Action to Protect Rural Scotland (APRS)

“Scotland has some of the richest and varied natural and cultural landscapes in the world and is, rightly, world famous for them. Of the 15 National Parks in the UK, Scotland has only two and we are pleased that, 20 years since the first Scottish National Park was designated, we will soon have another.

“National Parks in Scotland, in contrast to those in many other parts of the world, are tasked to deliver for people, nature and landscape. This recognition of how important people and livelihoods are for our landscapes, means National Parks are in a unique position to lead the way on the nature and climate crises while also supporting thriving, sustainable communities.”

John Thomson, Chair of Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP)

“We have no doubt that amongst the areas put forward by Thursday’s deadline there will be at least one amply worthy of designation. But one new National Park should just be the start. The process of inviting nominations from communities has revealed widespread aspiration and interest in National Park status, but there have also been challenges in the tight timescales imposed. What stronger signal could there be that this should be the start of a process for creating a suite of National Parks in Scotland, so that communities have time and are resourced to build on the fruitful discussions they have had? As our late and much missed President, Sir Alex Fergusson, would have said, never again should we have to wait over 20 years for the National Park family to gain another member.”


APRS is Scotland’s Countryside Charity. We campaign to protect, enhance and promote Scotland’s countryside and rural landscapes for everyone’s benefit, and we support others to do the same. We have been campaigning on National parks since we helped establish SCNP eighty years ago. www.aprs.scot

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) is dedicated to the cause of existing and future national parks and other protected landscapes in Scotland. Their primary aim is to promote the protection, enhancement and enjoyment of nationally outstanding areas  https://www.scnp.org.uk/

APRS and SCNP launched their latest campaign for National parks in Scotland with the publication of ‘Unfinished Business’ in 2013 which we updated in 2015

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