Colzium circuit: via Antonine wall and the canal

This is a lovely 15km circular walk starting at Colzium Country Park in Kilsyth

The walk marked in blue is around 15km long and will take 4-5 hours to walk. It is on generally good paths but take sturdy footwear from the part that is on the Antonine wall.

If you would like a shorter route you can choose between two, taking in the canal, marked in a red dashed line, as a short cut. The 11km Route takes in the Antonine wall and the canal and a 9km route which takes in Colzium, Banton Loch and the Canal.

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Getting to the start

The walk stars and finishes at Colzium Country Park just outside Kilsyth. There is good parking availability at the Country park and a cafe and toilets. If you are doing the shorter route along Antonine wall and Canal only, there is parking where the Dullatur Road crosses the canal.

Public Transport

There are Bus services to Kilsyth from:

  • Glasgow – Buchanan Street Bus Station(Buses 88C and 89)
  • Falkirk (Bus 35)
  • Croy (344)

For more information see bustimes.org

The Route

Please use the GPX files and a maps app, or a paper map when taking this route. The description below is not intended for route finding but rather to illustrate the type of walk it is.

Leave Colzium and cross the road taking a good path through woodland to the back road to Dullatur. Walk along the road until you can cut through a hedge where other people have walked to the path along the lade. This will take you to the canal which you should cross on the road and head up in the direction of the Antonine wall to the giant sculpture of a legionary’s head.

From here take the marked route towards Castle Cary, under the pylon line. It takes you out onto a country road (turn right0 and follow along until you can walk along the line of the Antonine walk on a farm track.

cross under the railway and then follow the purple sign into the field and make your way eastwards along the route of the Antonine wall in a grassy ride with woodland either side.

When you reach the golf course follow a path that cuts along a hedge line between the two sides of the golf course

The path goes just to the right of where the people are walking in the photo above. the path becomes less distinct past this point, it follows along beside Westerwood Fort (interpretation panel but no sign of the fort visible on the ground). there is then a choice of whether to walk along the wall itself, where there is an avenue of oak trees, or a more well-0used path that runs between the line of the wall and the fence demarking Cumbernauld airport.

When you meet the minor road turn left and walk down to join the canal.

walk along the canal until a path to the right just at the turn of the Power Lines (you nee to cross under them) takes you up to the main road. Cross the road and follow the pavement along the minor road up to Banton. In the village walk up to the Swan and then take the road on the left out of the village.

Around 200 metres down this road the path along banton loch bears off right just before a row of cottages and past the business centre.

The path back to the car park will take you along the Loch past the site of the Battle of Kilsyth in 1645, the biggest battle in the war of the Three Kingdoms where the Covenenters fought the Royalists.

Other Information

There is a Cafe at Colzium and also a Community Owned Pub in Banton called the Swan which is highly recommended

The Swan at Banton

Scotland’s first community owned pub

Colzium Country Park and Museum

RSPB Scotland has a webpage of useful information for people wanting to get involved in planning issues, this includes general information about the planning system, how to run a campaign and specific guidance for example protecting birds and wildlife, trees and woodland, and addressing climate change.

The Antonine Wall

This is the Roman fortification built between Kilpatrick and Bo’ness. There is a lot of useful information on the ‘Rediscovering the Antonine Wall’ Project website

More Walks

we are gradually writing up more walks in Green Belts around Scotland –

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