APRS Resources

  • Open Letter to the Party Leaders from LINK

    APRS has signed a letter to the party leaders in Scotland calling on them to work together with increased ambition in the face of growing crises of climate and nature. This letter has been coordinated by Scottish Environment LINK the coalition of environmental NGOs.

  • Letter to Tesco CEOs

    Tesco has called for the deposit return scheme to be delayed until the UK scheme comes in. This letter was sent to Ken Murphy Tesco CEO and Jason Tarry, UK/ROI CEO on the morning of the APRS protest with Fife Street Champions outside a large Tesco store in Fife.

  • Image showing the start of an Open Letter to the Prime Minster

    Open letter to Prime Minister, May 18th 2023

    APRS and environmental NGOs from across the UK have written an open letter to the Prime Minister urging him to grant an exclusion to the Internal Markets Act and include glass in England's Deposit Return Scheme, due to launch in October 2025.

  • LINK letter to Minister and Chief Planner on Hilltracks

    This letter from Scottish Environment LINK, which APRS contributed to, was sent to the Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth and the Chief Planner to ask that Hilltracks be considered in the review of Permitted Development Rights.

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