APRS Resources

  • Advice Note on the Planning System

    We regularly give advice on various topics relating to our work and objectives and also respond to many enquiries from our members and the general public. This document provides general information on the Planning System

  • Planning Resources

    This resource provides information on strategic and local planning across Scotland and gives links to the websites containing planning information for particular areas.

  • APRS Editable Deposit Return Press Release

    An editable press release for educators to use to promote any deposit return work in the classroom, school, home or wider to local, national or global media.

  • Why Scotland needs a Deposit Return Scheme

    This briefing was written for the Scottish Parliament in 2017 as part of the Have you Got the Bottle Campaign. A deposit return system is a collection system for used drinks container packaging, in which consumers pay a small deposit on every drinks container. This is refunded when the container is returned. This document explains how a scheme would work to decrease litter, increase recycling and save money, among other benefits.

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