APRS Resources

  • Flood resilience strategy: consultation

    The Scottish Government is currently developing its flood resilience strategy, as part of Scotland’s National Adaptation Plan. This will outline long term plans and actions to make communities across Scotland more resilient to flooding, and change the narrative from fixing flooding issues to creating flood resilient places, to acknowledge the need to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

  • Consultation on Amending NPF4 and LDP

    APRS response to a Scottish Government Consultation on proposals for the regulations on procedures to amend the National Planning Framework and Local Development Plans.

  • Investing in Planning Consultation

    This is APRS's response to a consultation which sets out a range of options which have the potential to improve the capacity of the Scottish planning system, in particular in planning authorities, in the coming years.

  • Masterplan Consent Areas Consultation

    This consultation relates to proposed regulations on the procedures to prepare Masterplan Consent Areas (MCA). It sets out the proposed procedures and includes two sets of regulations: covering the main process for making MCA schemes and relating to environmental impact assessment.

  • Adaptation Plan Consultation

    This is the APRS response to the consultation on the Scottish Government's Adaptation Plan, April 2024.

  • Falkirk Council LDP topic consultation

    This is the APRS response to the consultation on Topics for the LDP (Local Development plan) from Falkirk Council April 2024. Our response covers the Green Belt topic.

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