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Data protection and use of personal data

When you apply for APRS Membership (and throughout the course of your membership subscription) it will be necessary for us to obtain certain information from you (such as your name and address). We will treat this as personal data for the purposes of data protection law. APRS will collect, hold and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Terms taken from our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

2.1 Membership is open for application to any natural person who supports the Objects, who is interested in furthering the work of the Association and who has made any Membership Contribution or other arrangement approved from time to time by the Executive Committee.

2.2 A natural person wishing to become a Member must submit an application for Membership to join the Association. The application may be made by a person for himself/herself and/or jointly for another person and/or for his/her family or for some other person or persons that he/she wishes to sponsor as a Member (‘the Applicants’). Such application shall be made in the form prescribed by the Association and shall contain such information as the Association shall The Applicants shall each become Members upon acceptance of the application by the Association.

2.3 The Association may decline to accept an application for Membership at its absolute discretion and without being required to state a reason.

2.4 The Executive Committee may by resolution elect any person an honorary An honorary Member shall have the same voting rights as any other voting Member but shall not be required to apply for Membership in accordance with Article 2.1.

2.5 The Association shall maintain a register of Members. Entry on the register of Members shall be conclusive evidence of Membership, subject to the provisions of the Articles.

2.6 Classes of Membership: The Executive Committee shall from time to time create such different classes of Membership as appear to it to be desirable and shall from time to time decide the Membership Contributions and the rights and privileges (if any) for each such class and the conditions for admission to and termination of any such class. This information shall be made available on the APRS website. Such class(es) may include non-voting memberships. Other references to ‘Members’ and ‘Membership’ do not (unless otherwise stated) apply to non-voting members and non-voting members do not qualify as Members for any purpose under these Articles.

Membership contributions

3.1 The annual Membership Contribution for Members shall be for such amounts and due on such dates and in respect of such periods as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee.

3.2 Without prejudice to the generality of Article 3.1 the Treasurer shall receive an account for all Membership Contributions and other sums received and all payments made by the Association shall be paid through him. He shall keep regular and distinct books and shall each year prepare for certification and the approval of the annual general meeting, a balance sheet showing the financial position of the Association and an abstract of his own intromissions of the Funds.

Termination of membership

4.1 A person may cease to be a Member by giving notice (which may be in writing, by electronic mail or by telephone) to the Association. No refund or return of Membership Contributions shall be due to the former Member, unless so determined at the discretion of the Association.

4.2 A person shall cease to be a Member if the Membership Contribution is not paid or satisfied and after due reminder remains unpaid or unsatisfied unless otherwise determined by the Association.

4.3 A person shall cease to be a Member on his/her death. The Membership of any family Member(s) or other joint Member of the deceased Member shall not be affected.

4.4 The Executive Committee may, by a vote of not less than three-quarters (¾) of the Executive Committee Members present and voting, terminate the Membership of any Member if in the reasonable opinion of the Executive Committee he/she has acted in a way that is contrary to the interests of the Association or the Objects or is harmful to the Association.

4.5 Prior to the Executive Committee taking such a vote, pursuant to Article 4.4, the Association shall notify the Member concerned, setting out the actions complained of and giving the Member the opportunity to put forward any written representation within a pre-determined time frame.

4.6 A person whose Membership is terminated under Articles 4.4 and 4.5 shall not be eligible to re-apply to become a Member without the specific consent of the Executive Committee and shall not be entitled to any refund or return of Membership Contributions except at the discretion of the Association.


The liability of the members of the Association is limited. See Article V (page 5) in our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

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