APRS Resources

  • Planning Case Studies 2009-2014

    These Case Studies provide examples of cases where we have provided advice and guidance.to help local communities engage with landscape change in their areas.. They provide an insight into the type of work we do.

  • Tarland Village Design Statement 2002

    In 2002 we managed the funding and production of the Village Design Statement for Tarland in Aberdeenshire. The Statement describes the village and its environs and highlights some of the individual and collective characteristics that make it distinctive.

  • Wind Energy Development Policy

    And you may also be interested in this report which is not an APRS document but some people find useful.

  • Newsletter Winter 2005-06

    This APRS Newsletter gives a look back at APRS History for our 80th Anniversary

  • The Future of Green Belts in Scotland (2005)

    This report was written by the Scottish Green Belts Alliance in 2005. It looks at the purposes of Green Belts and assesses how successful they have been, it assesses the challenges and risks to Green Belts and looks at different models of Green Belts and what the future could hold.

  • 1930 Annual Report

    Association for the Preservation of Rural Scotland (A.P.R.S.) ANNUAL REPORT 1930  3 FORRES STREET  EDINBURGH  Telephone, 30317  OFFICE BEARERS  Honorary President 

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