Return To Rishi

Return To Rishi

Why Return To Rishi? We’re sick of litter in our communities. Deposit return will help this. We need Rishi Sunak to stop blocking the Scottish deposit return scheme!

How to get involved with Return To Rishi

APRS and Surfers Against Sewage are highlighting the extent of littered bottles and cans across Scotland.

Tweet a photo of littered cans and/or bottles from your area to @RishiSunak, asking him not to block the Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme. Using the hashtag #ReturnToRishi

We have suggested some Tweets below, but feel free to write your own message, you can also tag your local MP if you wish.

Suggested Tweets:

Click on one of the Tweets below to start, add your image and Tweet.

Thanks to everybody that has already has taken part in #ReturnToRishi

Here are just some of the bottles and cans that were tagged.

This Tweet from @Glencoebhoy shows perhaps some of the worst glass littering we have seen

Background on Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

Scotland’s deposit return scheme has the potential to massively reduce the litter on our beaches and entering our waterways and ocean. However, after three delays it is still at risk of being blocked by the UK Government through the Internal Market Act (IMA). The UK Government blocking this scheme would both threaten the deposit return and also set a dangerous precedent for any environmental legislation being introduced that affects what can be sold in Scotland. This also has implications for deposit return across the rest of the UK – if the scheme is blocked in Scotland, it is likely it will not go ahead in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We need public pressure to ensure that the UK Government stops blocking this scheme and takes action to reduce litter and move towards a more circular economy.

Image showing protesters out side Queen Elizabeth house showing the numbers 499068504 - representing the number of bottles that will be littered, landfilled and incinerated during the delay of deposit return.
An estimated 499,068,504 drinks containers will be littered, landfilled, or incinerated during the latest 7 month delay, based on data from Reloop.

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