APRS Resources

  • APRS Accounts 2023

    Our Final Audited Accounts from our Financial Year 2023 (January 1 2003- December 31 20 2023) and annual report

  • APRS Strategy

    This is APRS’s New Strategy 2024-2026 spanning the time either side of our centenary in 2026. We believe that it is a critical time for action on the climate and nature crises. Climate breakdown, and the actions we take to mitigate and adapt, will inevitably affect Scotland’s landscape and APRS has a critical role in bringing joined-up and long term thinking to the issues.

  • Consultation on Amending NPF4 and LDP

    APRS response to a Scottish Government Consultation on proposals for the regulations on procedures to amend the National Planning Framework and Local Development Plans.

  • Investing in Planning Consultation

    This is APRS's response to a consultation which sets out a range of options which have the potential to improve the capacity of the Scottish planning system, in particular in planning authorities, in the coming years.

  • Masterplan Consent Areas Consultation

    This consultation relates to proposed regulations on the procedures to prepare Masterplan Consent Areas (MCA). It sets out the proposed procedures and includes two sets of regulations: covering the main process for making MCA schemes and relating to environmental impact assessment.

  • Spring Newsletter 2024

    Our latest edition of Rural Scotland, the APRS Newsletter, providing an update of the work we have done since winter

  • Stage 2 Briefing – Circular Economy Bill

    This is APRS's briefing for the Members of the Zet Zero, Energy and Transport Committee in advance of the Stage 2 Debate of the Circular Economy Bill

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