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Letter to Historic Environment Scotland

APRS has written this letter to express concern over the plans for a battery storage facility that will impact on the historic landscape of the Cochno cup and ring marked rocks near Faifley, Dumbartonshire

To the Chief Executive

Historic Environment Scotland, 16 Bernard Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh, EH8 9NX

Dear Alex Paterson

Re: ECU00004982 – Application for Battery Storage by Cochno Stones

I am writing to express concern about an application for a large battery storage and substation facility at Whitehill farm, Cochno which will have a very significant effect on the historic landscape of the Whitehill cup and ring marked rocks. 

I see from the attached documents that Historic Scotland commented on the application. However we were concerned to see that Historic Environment Scotland did not express misgivings with the project. This may be because only one of the very significant array of cup and ring marked rocks in the area was picked up by the HES desk-based survey. You can see from the first map below that the site, in fact, sits right in the centre of the Neolithic landscape of the Whitehill stones, dominating and impacting hugely on the setting for these ancient monuments.

The second map shows that no fewer than 7 cup and ring marked rocks, from the 16 in the Whitehill rocks, sit on, or within 10m of the boundary. The Cochno Stone, itself lies less than 500m from the boundary of the development.

We would like assurance that Historic Scotland will be revisiting the advice in the light of the significant errors made in the desk-based survey and will be objecting to this application now the full extent of the effect on the Historic Landscape is clear.  

APRS is extremely concerned about the effect that this development, were it to go ahead, would have on the ancient landscape of this area and the setting for the Whitehill cup and ring marked rocks and we are concerned that the decision making process at HES did not flag this project up as a significant risk to our heritage and historic landscapes. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr Kat Jones, 

Director, APRS

Map of locations of cup and ring marked rocks from Canmore with the development site marked in red

Detail of the positions of the closest of the Whitehill cup and ring marked rocks with respect to the installation

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