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Better Buses for Strathclyde

APRS have written this letter to SPT asking for involvement in their stakeholder engagement process. We have done this as we are part of the Better Buses for Strathclyde Campaign

5 December 2023

Sent to:
Gordon Dickson, Head of Bus Strategy & Delivery (Chair) – gordon.dickson@spt.co.uk
Valerie Davidson, Chief Executive – valerie.davidson@spt.co.uk
Neil Wylie, Director of Finance & Corporate Support
Amy Sullivan, Solicitor
Bruce Kiloh, Head of Policy and Planning

CC to:
Stephen Dornan, Chair
Alan Moir, Vice Chair
David Wilson, Vice Chair
Neil Birch, Consultant
Mike Scott, Consultant

Dear Gordon, Valerie, Neil, Amy and Bruce,

I am writing to you as the Strathclyde Regional Bus Strategy (SRBS) Project Team in support of the Better Buses for Strathclyde campaign.

My organisation, APRS (Action to Protect Rural Scotland), is a small charity which has been campaigning on landscape and countryside issues for nearly a century. Transport for those in rural areas, and for those people in towns and cities who wish to reach the countryside for walks and leisure but do not have access to a car has always been one of the issues that we have an interest in. We wish to encourage people to access countryside areas with public transport, both due to the climate emergency, as we need to drastically reduce car use, and because honey pots for visitors can get extremely busy with cars which is a problem for the local communities. We believe that better buses is a win-win for both urban and rural communities.

We understand from your recent update that you are currently undergoing a period of stakeholder engagement (from October 2023 – February 2024), as you appraise the options available under the Transport Act 2019 to help SPT to address the dire state of our region’s bus services highlighted in your Case for Change.

As a key stakeholder in the region, we are writing to ensure that the interests of those wishing to access the countryside in a sustainable way, as well as those dwellers of rural places needing to get around, are taken into consideration whilst you are still in the options appraisal stage of this hugely important Strategy.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet up with SPT Board members and the SRBS Project Team to discuss this further. Please let us know when you are available.


Dr Kat Jones, Director Action to Protect Rural Scotland

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