APRS Resources

  • Objection to Europark

    This is an addendum to our original Objection to the proposed development at the edge of Calderbank known as Europark

  • Adaptation Plan Consultation

    This is the APRS response to the consultation on the Scottish Government's Adaptation Plan, April 2024.

  • Falkirk Council LDP topic consultation

    This is the APRS response to the consultation on Topics for the LDP (Local Development plan) from Falkirk Council April 2024. Our response covers the Green Belt topic.

  • UK Government Letter on Deposit Return

    This is a joint letter signed by manufacturers, retailers and civil society organisations, including APRS asking the UK Environment Minister Michael Moore to ensure the UK deposit return scheme launches on time.

  • APRS Annual Review 2023

    HIGHLIGHTS OF 2023 Our new name, logo and website increased visibility and we were quoted in over 250 media articles.

  • Draft Report and Financial Statements 2023

    The Directors are pleased to present their draft annual directors’ report together with the financial statements of the charity for the year ending 31 December 2023, which are also prepared to meet the requirements for a trustees’ report and accounts for Charity Law purposes.

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