NPF4 – How have things changed.

NPF4 – How have things changed

Recorded: Wednesday 6th December 2023

This session is for people who have had some involvement in planning issues or in campaigning in for their local area. It will explore what the main changes are in National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) from the previous planning system and what implications it may have for those campaigning against unsustainable development in their areas.

Clare Symonds of Planning Democracy and Nikki Sinclair of APRS gives an overview of the potential of NPF4 to be more progressive, including in the areas of climate, biodiversity, green belts and cover how decisions are made. Then there will be a discussion of the needs for monitoring of how it is being delivered and how we can work together to do this.

With a lot of questions to arise from our initial discussions, there is also a Q&A session. We also hope to gather intelligence as to what people’s experience on the ground is of using the new system and how it interacts with ongoing campaigns.

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