Welcome next step on new National Parks

The recently published advice to Ministers on National Parks produced by NatureScot is a big step towards a new National Park for Scotland.

APRS and SCNP welcome the recently published National Parks Advice to Ministers which recommends that the Scottish Government should consider expanding the suite of National Parks beyond the current commitment by 2030. National Parks are very popular amongst the public and a recent poll showed that 89% of the Scottish population support the creation of new National Parks with only 3% opposed.

Our response in full

This advice from NatureScot is the next stage in the designation process of a new National Park for Scotland by 2026 and we look forward to nominations being opened up in the Autumn. We hope other communities will consider joining Scottish Borders and Galloway in putting forward their areas as potential National Parks.

Our key points

  1. We recognise the depth of public support for protecting Scotland’s wealth of beautiful and iconic landscapes and for much more to be done to address the climate and nature crises –  and the potential for National Parks to help achieve these ambitions
  2. We welcome the recommendation that Scottish Government should consider expanding the suite of National Parks in Scotland before 2030 beyond its current commitment 
  3. We support the view that the designation of one or more new National Parks should take place by 2026 under the current legislation alongside the proposed new (non-statutory) national statement on National Parks
  4. We welcome the recommendation that the integrated approach to people and nature should remain at the heart of Scotland’s National Park model and that the existing four National Park aims should be retained with some potential amendments 
  5. We agree a clearer policy steer is required from Scottish Government on current and future large-scale renewable energy proposals coming forward now and in the next few years and on how these can be managed alongside the selection of new National Park areas
  6. We welcome progress towards establishing a user-friendly and effective nominations process to inform selection of new National Parks and look forward to that process starting later in 2023.

The Existing Campaigns

You can see some of the preparation made by the Campaign for a Borders National Park and the Galloway National Park Association below:

  • A Galloway National Park?

    This report, commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council, is a feasibility study into the potential for a National park in Galloway.

  • Future National Parks: Possible Governance Models

    A summary of some different governance models for any new National Parks in Scotland with international case studies from France, England, Wales. The paper reviews the types of governance and staffing that may be applicable for different sizes of national park.

  • The Potential Socio-economic Impacts of a New National Park for Galloway

    This report, published in 2019 gives the socio-economic case for a new National Park in Galloway. A new National Park could provide a significant stimulus to the local economy, attracting at least an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 new visits per year with £30 – £60 million of additional spending and supporting 700 to 1400 jobs. It would attract small businesses and create a more desirable place for people to live.

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