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Today the Scottish Government announced that Galloway is the proposed location for Scotland’s next National Park. This follows an eight-year local campaign and a decades long national campaign by APRS and SCNP for a new National Park.


An important Planning Appeal in the Court of Session which would have impacted on the protections for Green Belt that APRS fought for in the National Planning Framework 4, has been refused.

circular economy

Last week the Circular Economy Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament, here Kat reflects on the campaign, and discusses


Work on National Park selection continues: Nikki Sinclair, the National Parks Strategy Project Manager, gives us an update – June 2024

Green Belt walk blogs

Kat joins two stalwarts of Scotland’s right to roam campaign, Nick Kempe and Bob Reid, on this section of her Green Belts walk where they find their way along the escarpment of the Kilpatrick Hills.

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