National Parks Project Update

Since the end of last year we have submitted a response to the NatureScot online consultation in collaboration with Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP). We also contributed to Scottish Environment LINK’s response, and several of our members attended the various public consultation meetings held by NatureScot.

We continue to participate in the National Parks Strategic Advisory Group meetings and at the last one, NatureScot presented initial findings from the consultation. The consolidated response findings will inform the Advice NatureScot have been commissioned to provide to Scottish Government by the start of February.

Work is also underway on a potential Vision Statement for Scotland’s National Parks and we have submitted further comments to NatureScot relating to this.

Once NS have delivered the Advice, the next stage of the process is expected to be a package of consultations from Scottish Government: on Scottish Government’s firm proposals for an Evaluation Framework for nominations and on any proposals for legislative changes.

The consultation should give any interested groups or communities around the country a strong steer on what Scottish Government’s expectations for new National Parks in Scotland will be. It will probably start in April and run for 12+weeks. The nomination process itself is planned to start in early autumn 2023. Background information on the process is available on the NatureScot website.

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