Call for Litter Survey Volunteers

Help us gather litter data before and after the Deposit Return launch in Scotland on 16th August 2023 to show the impact this circular economy initiative can make to litter and the environment! APRS are working in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society whose Source to Sea Litter Survey Form we are using.

How do I take part?

APRS is looking for 2 different types of volunteers:

Those who will visit their local area where they clean – town, village, city, park, river, office grounds, school grounds, street, countryside path once a month, for one hour for the next 2 years from January onwards. APRS will not be recording beaches as there is a strong dataset already collected by the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch surveys. If you would be interested in being part of this APRS community of volunteers, please contact Joanna, APRS’s Education and Public Engagement Manager on education@aprs.scot

If you cannot commit to the longer data gathering project, you can also collect data ahoc, whenever you wish to. There is no need to contact Joanna but she would love to hear your experiences and comments on deposit return and the litter you are collecting. Please do send images too.

Volunteers will be asked to submit their data online at the Marine Conservation Society’s Source to Sea Litter Survey where you will also find risk assessments and forms to download.

If you would like a form emailed to you, please contact Joanna on education@aprs.scot

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