Local Development Plan Guidance

Local Development Plan Guidance published and Scottish Government Consultation on Engagement

The regulations for the new Local Development Plan (LDP) review process came into force on 19 May 2023 and shortly afterwards the Scottish Government published Guidance on LDPs so that local authorities can implement the new system. This can be viewed and downloaded from here. It is a lengthy document (over 200 pages) but contains sections relating to Green Belts and housing which will be particularly relevant to the concerns of GBA supporters.

We plan to put more information on the APRS online planning resources (LDPs) in due course. At the moment the LDP page has a link to our working document detailing available information about the Review process for LDPs across Scotland. The Scottish Government also recently  issued a public consultation on “Effective Community  Engagement in Local Development Plan Guidance”.

This is open for comments until 13 September 2023 and APRS are starting to prepare a response to it. If you would like to feed any comments into that process please get in touch with Nikki by emailing nikki@aprs.scot

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