Changes to Scotland’s Deposit Return

Changes to Scotland’s Deposit Return

A number of changes to Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme have been announced by Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater.

The revisions include excluding drinks containers for products under 100ml, as well as being able to exclude products which sell fewer than 5000 units per year. Hospitality premises that primarily sell drinks for consumption on the premises will also be exempt from acting as return points for empty containers.

Lorna Slater making Ministerial Announcement on Deposit Return

Slater said: “Scotland’s deposit return scheme will reduce litter on our streets, massively increase the recycling of drinks containers and help meet our net zero ambitions.

“However, to realise these benefits DRS needs to be delivered in a way that works for businesses, especially for small drinks producers.

“The changes I have set out will make the scheme easier for industry to deliver – especially for craft producers – while still making sure the vast majority of drinks containers are captured for recycling.

“To move forward with certainty, the UK Government must stop delaying the long overdue exclusion from the Internal Market Act. This damaging Act was imposed on the Scottish Parliament after Brexit without its consent and creates confusion and uncertainty for businesses.

“After that Act was passed, we engaged in good faith, following the agreed process, and have done so for nearly two years now to agree an exclusion. The UK Government needs to at long last issue an exclusion, and recognise the right of the Scottish Parliament to enact legislation in devolved areas without interference.”

Read our briefings on why glass is part of Scotland’s Deposit Return and how the scheme will work for hospitality.

  • Glass and the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme

    APRS has always campaigned for an “all-in” deposit return which includes glass. This briefing gives a run-down of the rationale for including glass in the scheme and some pointers for how this will work specifically for hospitality.

  • Deposit Return and Hospitality

    Hospitality businesses where drinks are either consumed on the premises or taken away for off-site consumption will see an immediate financial benefit from deposit return. In addition, decreases in litter will make Scotland more appealing to tourists. This will provide a much needed boost for an industry that has been hard hit in recent years, while improving the environment for Scottish residents and visitors alike

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The scheme, originally due to begin in early 2021 has now been delayed three times until the beginning of March 2024.

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