Action to Protect Rural Scotland

Action to Protect Rural Scotland

Following our AGM on 28 May 2023 we can announce that we will be changing our name to Action to Protect Rural Scotland.

This change retains APRS as our initials and, with it, the history of nearly 100 years working for Scotland’s countryside and rural landscapes.

APRS were known as Association for the Preservation of Rural Scotland from our founding until a change of wording to The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland some years later. This latest evolution of the name maintains the spirit of the previous names, while putting what we do up-front.

Our countryside and rural landscapes need us more than ever. We hope that this name-change, along with the tagline ‘Scotland’s Countryside charity’ and a concise statement of our mission will help people understand who we are and to connect with our work.

We will continue our work: taking action for our countryside, promoting the importance of landscapes, and supporting communities, all over Scotland, to do the same.

Our Mission

APRS is Scotland’s Countryside Charity.

We campaign to protect, enhance and promote Scotland’s countryside and rural landscapes for everyone’s benefit, and we support others to do the same.

Our Values


We are respected for the knowledge held by our staff and volunteers and are sought out to provide balanced guidance and advice. Our online publications are seen as a source of authority.


We offer help, advice and support to individuals and communities, empowering them to campaign for their local countryside and landscapes.


We work with others and form partnerships so we can make the greatest difference and work to our strengths. Our small size makes us flexible and fleet of foot and we can move swiftly.


We are a place where everyone feels welcome – those with years of experience and knowledge and those coming to our work for the first time.


Sometimes campaigns take time, but we are persistent and unflappable. We have a century of history and experience behind us, we see the long-view and set out to change things that need stickability and determination. We get things done.

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