A Tribute to Judith Mylne

Back in January we received a generous legacy from the estate of Judith Mylne, longtime APRS supporter and friend of Nina Sobecka, our administrator. Here Nina pays tribute to her friend and her love of Scotland’s landscapes and mountains.

Judith Mylne 1947 – 2020

Nina and Judith on the top of one of the many mountains they walked together with Holly the Collie in the mid 1990s

My dear friend Judith was an enthusiastic and committed member of APRS whom I first met in the early 1990s.  We soon discovered that we had a shared love of nature and of Scotland’s natural environment and it wasn’t long before we were planning trips to the Scottish hills.  I had young children at the time, and Judith would “rescue me” from work and chaos and together we would go on long trips and walks across the country.  We were often accompanied by Holly, her Border Collie whom I remember bounding effortlessly downhill through the snow in the late evening light. Judith was an expert on wildlife and nature and she generously shared her knowledge on our trips –  I learnt so much from her. We must have climbed more than a hundred hills together, usually hostelling or camping along the way.  I have so many happy memories of these.

Judith was always very committed to other people – she trained first as social worker and several years later as a nurse in Glasgow, the area she loved the most being intensive care.   She was an incredibly conscientious and hard worker, extending support beyond her patients to their family members as well, usually giving over and above what was expected of her.  But that was Judith – big hearted and absorbed in other people.  She maintained this to the end of her career, latterly as a Manager at a retirement development in Annan before she bought a house in Glencaple and retired there herself.

Another important part of Judith’s life was her dedication to the principles of Fair Trade. As a member of the Dumfries Fair Trade Group, she worked tirelessly for the cause, both in campaigning at a national level, and in coordinating activities to promote Fairtrade in Dumfries.  This was recognised by Colin Smyth, MSP for South Scotland, who paid particular tribute to Judith during a parliamentary debate on international development in October 2020.

Much of Judith’s life with her late husband, Christopher Mylne, was spent making wildlife films in remote parts of Scotland, where her passion for birdlife and conservation developed even further. Also, a keen gardener, Judith grew enough vegetables and fruit to supply family and friends with endless supplies of chutneys and jams – which were left at neighbours’ doors. Caerlaverock Community Association called Judith a ‘whirlwind of commitment and energy’.

She sadly died in 2020.  I was delighted and touched that she had thought of APRS in her will, leaving a significant legacy which we received last year.  This was typical of her generosity of spirit. She was loyal, inspiring, outspoken and compassionate, the epitome of community spirit and it was an enormous privilege to have known her for so many years.

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