Green Belt walk blogs

On this walk Kat receives an education in greenspace infrastructure and environmental justice from Shivali Fifield of the Environmental Rights Centre Scotland and Clare Symonds of Planning Democracy. The walk takes them from one of the West coast’s most affluent villages to Port Glasgow which has health and inclusion statistics among the poorest in Scotland.


Our latest edition of Rural Scotland, the APRS Newsletter, providing an update of the work we have done in 2023.

Green Belt walk blogs

This route is day 18 of Kat’s circumnavigation of the Greater Glasgow Green Belt and takes Kat over the hills of Clydemuirshiel Regional Park and to the very best cafe of the walk so far, discovering a geo-cache and exploring a well-defended ‘private’ estate.

Green Belt walk blogs

On this section of our Director Kat’s Green belt walk, she reaches Gleniffer Braes country park on the edge of Paisley, finds many memorials to loved ones on the way and discovers the Weaver Poet

Green Belt walk blogs

On this section of our Director Kat’s Green belt walk, she encounters the first sustained downpour of her outings so far, but a Golf Course closed for access means it’s cut mercifully short.

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What We Said

The Chair of APRS and SCNP, John Thomson, responded to the Shared Rural Network’s 4G coverage targets. You can also read the three joint letters that APRS has signed with a coalition of community, conservation and outdoor recreation groups.

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Press Release

A new report launched last week shows just a 10-percentage point increase in reusable beverage packaging globally could eliminate 1 trillion single-use bottles and cups and prevent 153 billion single-use bottles and cups from entering the world’s oceans.

Green Belt walk blogs

In this 15th section of her green belts walk, Kat tries to navigate via Core Paths and learns that, 20 years since the Land reform Act brought about a commitment to a Core Path Network, we are still very far from that ideal.


APRS gave evidence to the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee on the Scottish Circular Economy Bill along with Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scottish Environment Link, and Circular Communities Scotland.

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