Double Decker Bus in Glasgow


APRS today is lending our support for the Better Buses for Strathclyde Campaign. Excellent public transport networks are the foundation of a fairer society and an essential part of reducing our carbon emissions. We need far better public transport provision for people who live on the edges of towns and cities and in rural neighbourhoods which means, in most cases, better buses.

Farmland in Scotland.


We are supporting the “Farm for Scotland’s Future” campaign led by Scottish Environment LINK. In this blog Kat Jones explains why we need a new approach to farm policy and a better set of incentives for farmers.

Green Belt walk blogs

The latest episode of Kat’s fundraising walk around the Green Belt of Greater Glasgow. This section takes her from Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park on the outskirts of Wishaw down Garrion Gill, an SSSI and an impassable jungle.

What We Said

APRS has responded to the consultation on the Circular Economy (Scotland) Bill. In summary our view is that the bill, as it stands, needs considerable improvement if it is to drive Scotland’s transition towards a circular economy. Waste should be seen as a systemic issue, and we need greater provisions for producer responsibility rather than the blame lying solely on individuals.

Green Belt walk blogs

Our Director Kat is spending her weekends and days off on a fundraising walk around the Green Belt of Greater Glasgow. This section takes her from Cleland to Greenhead Moss in North Lanarkshire.

four littered bottles on grass

Press Release

Action to Protect Rural Scotland has today proposed that 16th August 2023 be Scotland’s first annual National Litter Day, marking the day Scotland’s much-delayed deposit return system for cans and bottles should have finally come into effect.

Green Belt walk blogs

The fifth part of our Director Kat’s fundraising walk around the Green Belts of Greater Glasgow. This one from Airdrie to Carfin with plenty of chat about energy infrastructure, and a secret doorway.

Glass bottle, showing the words No Return


This blog records the campaign against the deposit return scheme and tried to explain a bit of what happened over the last six months. Firstly for the supporters of the ‘Have you Got the Bottle?’ campaign and for APRS’s members, but also, importantly, as a heads-up for those campaigning for deposit return in England and Wales. We expect some of the same tactics to be used against the planned deposit return schemes in England and Wales and, as they say, “forewarned is forearmed”.

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