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It’s an exciting time for National Parks

Galloway has just been announced as the proposed location for Scotland’s next National Park. We want to see the strongest outcome for National Parks, and this is a key moment. We are asking people to show their support for National Parks, because the Scottish Parliament still gets the final decision on whether this National park goes ahead. We are seeing misinformation which we wish to counter.

APRS and the Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) have been campaigning for new National Parks for Scotland for nearly 15 years and these last few months are absolutely critical to get it over the line.

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Today the Scottish Government announced that Galloway is the proposed location for Scotland’s next National Park. This follows an eight-year local campaign and a decades long national campaign by APRS and SCNP for a new National Park.


Work on National Park selection continues: Nikki Sinclair, the National Parks Strategy Project Manager, gives us an update – June 2024

Our Existing National Parks

This video by Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park explains how the Park works and how it benefits the communities and businesses within it, the environment and the many visitors to the park.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

Scotland’s first National Park established in 2002, lying close to Scotland’s Central Belt, it sits on the boundary of the highlands and lowlands of Scotland, centered around Loch Lomond and the hills and Glens of the Trossachs.

Cairngorms National Park

Established in 2003, and extended in 2010, the Cairngorms National Park is nestled in the Highlands of Scotland, closest to the city of Inverness.

The History of the Campaign

The campaign for National Parks in Scotland is not new, APRS has been campaigning for National Parks since we were established nearly a hundred years ago.

Our very first annual report in 1930 had a section outlining a committee chaired by Sir Douglas Ramsay, formed by APRS to take forward the case for National Parks in Scotland. A separate organisation was formed from APRS in 1943, the Scottish Campaign for National Parks.

Map from the 1945 Report from the Scottish National Parks Survey Committee showing the areas they were recommending to be National Parks.

A report from the committee, commissioned by the Government, was published in 1945 recommending a number of areas as National Parks.

  • 1945 Report – National Parks: a Scottish Survey

    This is the seminal 1945 report, the Ramsay Report, written by the Scottish National Parks Survey Committee, consisting of F Fraser Darling, D G Moir, Peter Thomsen, and chaired by Sir Douglas Ramsay. They made recommendations for locations for National Parks in Scotland. The sites recommended are, in the main, the same locations that are being discussed today.

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Scotland loves National Parks

We’re sending a message to the Scottish Government about how important National Parks are to us.

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