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Explore our new Countryside Protectors Resources for Educators

We recommend you use our APRS Educator Notes, Worksheets, Maps, Deposit Return Educational Video and Online Return Run Game, together!

Jo holding resources for educators

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Free online and in person visits (when possible) with our Education Manager Jo. Please email Jo on for more information.

Green Belt and National Park resources for educators

APRS Scottish National Parks Strategy Project

Our map of proposed and existing National Parks across Scotland – APRS Scottish National Parks Strategy Project

APRS Green Belts Alliance

Do you know where your local Green Belt area is? Find all Scottish Green Belt maps here.

More resources to use with our Educator Notes

Play our game and be a Countryside Protector!

Help clear up the bottles and cans littered around the town and surrounding countryside. See how a real deposit return system works and what a difference it can make.

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