Game instructions


Collect as many bottles and cans as you can in 30 seconds.

Move your mouse over the bottle and click to collect an item or use your finger to tap each bottle and can if using a phone or tablet.

As the start of the game the scene will be dull and grey. As you pick up more bottles and cans, the scene becomes brighter as the town and countryside is cleaner and the children and wildlife happier.

Recycling bottles and cans through deposit return will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases cause further global warming and climate change.

The more bottles and cans you collect and recycle through deposit return,  the fewer new bottles and cans will be made and less greenhouse gases will be released when making them (e.g. burning fossil fuels like oil or gas to provide energy for the production of plastic).

Deposit Return

Once the timer is up, select whether you want to take the bottles and cans back to a Shop, over the counter or put them, clean and washed (and not crushed) into a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM).


Selecting from the option buttons, choose what you would do with the money collected.

Try again

Press the restart button at any time to have another go and try and beat how many you collected!

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