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New APRS Educational Resources for 2023

Discover more about Scotland’s Green Belts and National Parks, and the planned Deposit Return System, with our educational resources. You can also book a FREE visit, online or in person with our Education Manager at education@aprs.scot

Play our game and be a Countryside Protector!

Help clear up the bottles and cans littered around this street, town, park and surrounding countryside. Have you seen litter like this where you live? See how a real deposit return system works and what a difference it can make.

Educator Resources – Countryside Protectors

Educator notes, worksheets, video and maps for early years to senior phase – Litter, Green Belts and National Parks.

RSPB Wild Challenge

Use our APRS educational resources to complete your RSPB Wild Challenge awards through litter picking to help wildlife, spreading the word, protecting local wildlife habitats. Open to all ages and abilities, mainly designed for primary aged children.

More info on the RSPB website

John Muir Award

Use our APRS educational resources for your John Muir Award through litter picking, understanding Deposit Return and its benefits to nature, learning about your local Green Belt and Scotland’s National Parks and spreading the word about the importance of wild places. Recommended for upper primary and secondary schools (second level of learning and upwards).

Sign up for the John Muir Award

Help APRS protect Scotland’s countryside by becoming a Countryside Protector yourself!

Jo holding resources for educators

Book a visit from our Education Manager

Free online and in person visits (when possible) with our Education Manager Jo. Please email Jo on education@aprs.scot for more information.

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