Jo’s 846,467 step challenge

Joanna McFarlane is the Public Engagement and Education Manager for APRS and is ‘stepping up’ for a 846,647 step challenge to raise funds for APRS

Scotland’s countryside and rural communities face many challenges, not least the nature and climate emergency. I know this because I have met so many people at events who are distressed, have no idea who to turn to and are desperate for help in communities where they live.

Whether it be the loss or decline of wildlife and habitats or the resulting community impact of local planning decisions, including on Green Belts, changes to land use, development of national parks or the issue of unprecedented litter and fly tipping plaguing our countryside.

Over the last 100 years, APRS has been working hard to be a voice for Scotland’s countryside and they are being asked for help more and more every day. They are a small team which achieve amazing things and having seen them in action, I am raising funds to help them do more.

Action to Protect Rural Scotland was formed on 1st December 1926. As of 1st July 2023 (when I am starting my challenge), that was 846,647 hours ago!

So I am going to walk 846,647 steps, one for every hour APRS has existed. I work from home so this will be a challenge to up my steps every day over the next 153 days and I will monitor it daily.

Would you consider supporting my 846647 Step Challenge and help raise awareness of APRS too?

Thank you so much. Jo x

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