Don’t Bottle it!

Scotland’s deposit return scheme has the power to change everything. When it comes to getting rid of litter for good, nothing else even comes close.

In countries with deposit return littered cans and bottles are almost unheard of and recycling rates for drinks containers are at 95%. It will save money for hard-pressed councils, save greenhouse emissions, and take us a step towards a true circular economy.

But our deposit return scheme is in real danger of being scrapped. It was supposed to start two years ago and it has been delayed twice. We cannot delay again – email your MSPs today.

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme – Don’t Bottle it now!

It’s always most powerful to send an email with your own experiences: Do you pick up litter in your neighbourhood and see a lot of drinks containers? Are you worried about the speed of change we need to deal with the climate crisis and this feels like foot-dragging? Do you want to see producers taking responsibility for the waste they produce and see a truly circular economy?

We’ve drafted an example and some bullet points to edit below the email template if you want to cut and paste them in. But just feel free to tell your elected representatives what you think.

Just add your name and postcode to get started.

If you would like any ideas for points to include in this email, here are some suggestions:

  • Deposit return was originally due to begin in 2021, and was initially announced by the First Minister in 2017. Since then the scheme has been delayed twice and countless cans and bottles have been unnecessarily littered. 
  • Deposit return is a polluter pays scheme – this shifts the responsibility for waste from the environment and society to the companies creating the waste. This is a basis for good environmental policy. 
  • Scotland’s deposit return scheme will collect 1.5 billion bottles and cans every year, which otherwise would be littered, landfilled, or incinerated. Every day deposit return is not in place, an estimated 34,000 drinks containers are littered.
  • Scotland’s deposit return scheme will cut carbon emissions by 160,000 tonnes every year, the equivalent to taking 85,000 cars off the road.
  • Deposit return must go ahead if we are to make any progress in reducing litter, boosting recycling rates, and moving towards a more sustainable, circular economy. 
  • The majority of the public are supportive of a deposit return scheme. According to a Zero Waste Scotland poll, 70% of the Scots surveyed are in favour of the scheme and a poll this month showed 72% think it should be rolled out across the UK

As we are just five months from the launch date for deposit return, it is vital that we show as much support as possible. Let’s not Bottle it now!

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme is in real danger of being trashed.

Let’s Not Bottle it Now!

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