What is a Green Belt?

What is a Green Belt?

A Green Belt is the designated open land around, beside or within an urban area where there is a presumption against development. Green Belts are designated by local authorities in order to:

  • help protect countryside by containing urban sprawl;
  • preserve and enhance the landscape settings of towns and cities;
  • give urban residents access to open areas; and direct any necessary growth into more  appropriate locations within settlements.

The relevant paragraphs of Scottish Planning Policy (2014) are here.

What is APRS’s role?

  • We have established the APRS Green Belts Alliance – a new network of local organisations interested in protecting Green Belts
  • We published an Advice Note on Green Belts to raise awareness and inform members of the public who are concerned about developments in their area
  • When resources allow we provide tailored advice to APRS members on and very occasionally become directly involved in specific cases
  • We press central and local government for better protection of designated Green Belts and for an equal right of appeal in the Scottish planning system
  • We encourage greater awareness of the benefits of Green Belts amongst decision-makers and the general public
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