APRS is a registered charity and funded entirely by membership fees, donations
from Trusts and other supporters and by legacies.
Such contributions can substantially secure the future of the organisation.

Become an APRS Member

Join The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

The benefits of membership are include:

  • knowledge that you are supporting Scotland’s rural landscapes
  • expert advice on local and national planning issues
  • personal copy of our Newsletters either e-mail or paper
  • regular e-Bulletins
  • access to specialist Advice Notes on aspects of the planning system
  • opportunities to take part in site visits

To join and pay your subscription, please fill out our Membership Form which includes options to pay by Direct Debit or Cheque. 

The above is a PDF form and should be accessible by all but if you cannot open it, please contact us and we will send you out a form.


A legacy provides a fitting tribute to someone’s life, and remembering APRS would help in our efforts to retain the beauty of Scotland’s countryside for future generations.  Making or changing your will should always be done in consultation with a solicitor.

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If you have any queries about anything on this page or wish to further discuss what we are doing, please Contact us.