About APRS

APRS is Scotland’s countryside charity.

We campaign to protect, enhance and promote Scotland’s countryside and rural landscapes for everyone’s benefit, and we support others to do the same.


Action to Protect Rural Scotland, APRS, is Scotland’s longest established environmental charity being founded in 1926 to protect Scotland’s world renowned landscapes and the amenity of the countryside.

We are a voluntary organisation which relies upon a part-time Director, a part-time Administrator, project staff and volunteers to do its work. With a small office in Edinburgh we have members throughout Scotland and beyond. We are funded by membership subscriptions, donations and grants from charitable foundations.

We changed our name from The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland in 2023.

Why We Exist

We campaign with communities, on behalf of all landscapes, from the countryside surrounding the places where most people live, to the wilder more remote ones. 

The quality of people’s surroundings is central to their well-being, and the quality of Scotland’s countryside is of fundamental importance even to those who spend most of their time in towns and cities.  We support communities and individuals to look after and make the most of their local landscapes and we believe that Scotland’s countryside has a key role to play in tackling the climate emergency, addressing the nature crisis and supporting rural recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Our Objectives:

  • protect and enhance Scotland’s rural landscapes for future generations
  • promote effective planning and landscape protection systems
  • encourage genuinely sustainable development
  • raise awareness of the importance of Scotland’s landscapes to its people and economy
  • promote the activity of land managers who care for Scotland’s landscapes

We do this by:

  • working in partnership with individuals, other charities, local authority, government and public bodies
  • active involvement in national policy development and advocacy
  • advising members of the public on how to respond to proposals which affect their local landscapes
  • publicising our work to our members and beyond through our website, our newsletter Rural Scotland and email bulletins

Our Values


We are respected for the knowledge held by our staff and volunteers and are sought out to provide balanced guidance and advice. Our online publications are seen as a source of authority.


We offer help, advice and support to individuals and communities, empowering them to campaign for their local countryside and landscapes.


We work with others and form partnerships so we can make the greatest difference and work to our strengths. Our small size makes us flexible and fleet of foot and we can move swiftly.


We are a place where everyone feels included and welcome– those with years of experience and knowledge, and those coming to our work for the first time, whatever their background.  


Sometimes campaigns take time, but we are persistent and unflappable. We have a century of history and experience behind us, we see the long-view and set out to change things that need stickability and determination. We get things done.

Governance Documents

  • APRS Annual Review 2023

    HIGHLIGHTS OF 2023 Our new name, logo and website increased visibility and we were quoted in over 250 media articles.

  • Draft Report and Financial Statements 2023

    The Directors are pleased to present their draft annual directors’ report together with the financial statements of the charity for the year ending 31 December 2023, which are also prepared to meet the requirements for a trustees’ report and accounts for Charity Law purposes.

  • Draft AGM Minutes 2023

    Annual General Meeting 2023 Held at the Ranger’s Education Centre, Holyrood Park  Thursday 25 May 2023 at 10.00 Draft Minutes

  • APRS Privacy Notice

    This document explains the data we hold for APRS members and supporters and how we use the data. APRS is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. The privacy of our members, supporters and others whose data we hold is important to APRS.

  • APRS Strategy

    This is APRS’s New Strategy 2024-2026 spanning the time either side of our centenary in 2026. We believe that it is a critical time for action on the climate and nature crises. Climate breakdown, and the actions we take to mitigate and adapt, will inevitably affect Scotland’s landscape and APRS has a critical role in bringing joined-up and long term thinking to the issues.

APRS is a Living Wage employer

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