Formed in 1926, the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) works to protect Scotland’s world renowned landscape and the amenity of the countryside. We are Scotland’s longest established independent environmental organisation.

As an independent charity, we welcome members who share what we care about – Scotland’s varied scenery and rural environment which is a priceless asset for the health, prosperity and well-being of present and future generations. We strive to be an authoritative voice which makes good things happen in rural Scotland and combats threats to damage it.

We are a voluntary organisation which relies heavily upon a part-time Director, a part-time Administrator and volunteers to do its work. With a small office in Edinburgh we have members throughout Scotland and beyond. We are funded by membership subscriptions, donations and grants from charitable foundations.

Why We Exist

Photo, courtesy of Scottish Natural Heritage

Scotland has some of the world’s finest landscapes, a natural and cultural inheritance to be passed on to future generations, but that legacy is severely under threat. Agricultural practice is changing at a pace seldom previously experienced. Housing developments place pressure on green belts. The timber industry verges on crisis, affecting the management of woodlands. National energy policy has resulted in a clamour to build large-scale wind farms that completely change the character of the countryside. Historic villages and communities are the subject of often badly designed and overwhelming expansions. Some of Scotland’s wildest places are easily scarred by the bulldozer hacking out a new track.


Our Objectives are to:

  • protect and enhance Scotland’s rural landscapes for future generations
  • promote effective planning and landscape protection systems
  • encourage genuinely sustainable development
  • raise awareness of the importance of Scotland’s landscapes to its people and economy
  • promote the activity of land managers who care for Scotland’s landscapes

We do this by:

  • working in partnership with individuals, other charities, local authority, government and public bodies
  • active involvement in national policy development and advocacy
  • advising members of the public on how to respond to proposals which affect their local landscapes
  • publicising our work to our members and beyond through our website, our newsletter Rural Scotland and email bulletins

Why You Should Join Us

Scotland’s scenery means so much to so many. People come from all over the world to marvel at its qualities. It is the foundation for Scotland’s largest industry – tourism. Nearer home, the landscapes that surround us have a profound effect on our daily lives. They may be landscapes that have repeatedly inspired poets and novelists or degraded landscapes that have had severe impacts on the health and confidence of communities. APRS presses for the best of Scotland’s scenery to be protected and the worst of it to be enhanced. We have a long history of doing so and welcomes like minded folk to join us.

Governance Documents

APRS Annual Review 2021

APRS Report and Financial Statements 2021

Draft AGM Minutes 2022

Memorandum and Articles of Association (last updated 2021)

APRS Privacy Notice – concerns the privacy of data we hold for APRS members and supporters

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