APRS – Scotland’s countryside charity

Scotland’s countryside charity

We are Action to Protect Rural Scotland, more often known as APRS. We campaign to protect, enhance and promote Scotland’s countryside and rural landscapes for everyone’s benefit, and we support others to do the same.

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Green Belts

Help protect the green places around our towns and cities that provide space for people and nature

Loch Lomond - credit SNH

National Parks

We want more National Parks – the very best of our landscapes, providing livelihoods and opportunities to visit

Love Your Countryside

We want to help people enjoy, protect and love Scotland’s wonderful countryside. Become a become a countryside protector.

Latest news


Our latest edition of Rural Scotland, the APRS Newsletter, providing an update of the work we have done in 2023.


APRS and SCNP are hoping to see a wide range of Scotland’s most special landscapes included in bids – highlighting the support there is around the country for looking after our special places and their potential to do more for nature, culture and the climate whilst benefiting communities and visitors.


APRS gave evidence to the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee on the Scottish Circular Economy Bill along with Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scottish Environment Link, and Circular Communities Scotland.


We teamed up with Planning Democracy to run a series of webinars on different aspects of the new National Planning Framework 4 and the planning system. Watch the sessions now.

Glass bottle, showing the words No Return


This blog records the campaign against the deposit return scheme and tried to explain a bit of what happened over the last six months. Firstly for the supporters of the ‘Have you Got the Bottle?’ campaign and for APRS’s members, but also, importantly, as a heads-up for those campaigning for deposit return in England and Wales. We expect some of the same tactics to be used against the planned deposit return schemes in England and Wales and, as they say, “forewarned is forearmed”.


Discover more about Scotland’s new Deposit Return System, Green Belts and National Parks. You can also book a FREE visit from us!

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